Over the course of this project, I have been faced with numerous challenges along the way. As I have never used video before, this in itself was new territory and meant that I had to get to grips with understanding what I was doing quite quickly. As I shot my three minute video on a DSLR rather than a mobile, this was also something new that I had to consider the implications of. Although the quality was much higher because of the digital capabilities, the camera itself was heavier and required a lot more stabilisation all the time, but this could be quite bulky too which was hard to work with. However, once I’d overcome these initial problems, I found that I actually quite enjoyed getting my video clips and working out what I wanted to shoot. Putting the clips together and editing audio I found took up a lot of my post production time, and was actually quite difficult. This was because I had so much video footage to sift through and listen to. Next time I would consider sectioning out my clips into different questions, rather than filming the whole lot in one bulk piece. I think this would definitely save me time and would also be easier for when I need to cut my video down to certain sections of speech.

Despite this, I found that once I had the clips I wanted I was able to work out where I wanted them to go and what the narrative should be for the video. The consideration of the target audience, I think helped me when I had to go and shoot more cutaways because I was much more cautious about what I needed/wanted to get as I knew what I was missing and what would appeal to my target audience. Going to shoots with a list of shots to get was one of the most helpful things I did for myself as part of this project and I think it paid off because it reminded me of all the shots I knew I wanted and pushed me to get them. This meant once I had the shots I wanted, I could fit them into my video where I had set out for them to be. I think this was quite successful and worked out well for me because it meant I knew exactly what shots I needed to fill in the gaps.

There were a couple of times where the stabilisation of my video could have been better. However going back and collecting more clips enabled me to improve some of those that I had taken the first time. I really liked how I was able to interject the video interview pieces with other clips from the church because I think this complimented the whole topic and kept the pace moving, whereas previously there was a lot less and I don’t think this was as successful in holding the attention of those watching. Creating video has allowed me to consider much more, such as composition, sound, shots, angles and the general presentation of my work. I’m really glad I went back and got more cutaways. I think it highlighted to me the importance of shooting more material than you need because I found at times I was really struggling with the material that I had left because there wasn’t enough to use to fill in certain gaps I had. Therefore this was a learning curve for me, but I think I overcame my problems quite well in the end.

I found feedback from my peers and lecturers to be incredibly helpful when it came to working out how to improve my video because they provided a fresh set of eyes to my work. They could point out things I’d missed or things that didn’t work very well. They could also point out things that did work well within the video and that didn’t require any changing. This really helped me, especially when I was creating a series of different edits and trying to develop my work on from the previous attempt. At first I found criticism quite hard especially considering it was my first attempt, but the more feedback I got and when I saw how much better my work was getting due to the feedback and suggestions I had got, I found it much easier to take on board what was being said in a constructive way. I did really enjoy the editing of my videos and the pulling together of the narrative because I could create whatever I wanted and show it in a way that I wanted to. The outcome wasn’t what I had envisioned at the beginning of the project, but I think it has developed well and created a whole other narrative that I am actually happier with and that was achievable from what I had available to me.

Overall, despite a few bumps I am very happy with how the video has turned out and I am happy that I have done the best I can. I can see that there are good elements to my work as well as parts that may require improvement and I think this part of the project has helped me in understanding how to take criticisms and use them to enhance and better my work which is something I will take away and continue to apply to future work. The whole process and the overall outcome of my final work has been really good to do and I think I’m quite satisfied with how it has gone throughout the project. I found lectures furthered my understanding and let me ask questions if I wasn’t quite sure what to do so this was definitely a key part of the process for me. I think it helped me get my final video to where it should be and thus overall I am very happy with how my work has come out and for a first video of this length, I think I have done quite well and am proud of the work I have outputted. I fnothing else, this project has allowed me to generate my ideas through analysis of concepts at an abstract level, allowing me to develop skills and understand my own capabilities more.