My final finished video has been formed from my own critical thinking and concepts, along with a deal of feedback from my peers and some other research I’ve looked into.

The inclusions of more cutaway shots was down to the feedback I received after my first draft which I think vastly improved the quality of the overall video. I also think that the fact that I was given this feedback prompted me to respond to it and realise that there were some clips that weren’t working or that could be more greatly improved.

I found that some of the videos I had watched informed and gave me ideas of things such as video shots that actually I thought worked well and I’d like to use myself. I liked the shots that went from far out and then jump cut to a closer up version of the object – something I’ve actually included in my own work and I am very happy with the outcome. It definitely works better like this.

I wanted my audio to be interesting and once I sorted this and used a combination of ambient music and speech and narrative, this made it slightly more interesting than just someone talking constantly.

Feedback from those viewing my video though, was actually really valuable and made me think about my concepts and what I was portraying to get the best outcome possible so I’m glad some of my choices were challenged because it did make me think about it more.

I am happy with how my video has turned out and the process I’ve gone through to get there has been really helpful to me too so I’m happy that the final video is to a standard I’m happy with. It has shown to me how important feedback and research is to help develop a concept beyond an original idea and how criticism shouldn’t always been seen s bad, but should instead be worked upon to get to the stage where you’re happy with your work and others enjoy it too. So I feel I’ve learnt a lot about myself in this module and what I’m capable of, but I need to show people my work in order to build off of it.