Below is the final edit of my three minute video. After following advice from Annie and also trying to see what I did and didn’t like about the video, I’ve now come to the stage where I think the video is completed to a standard that I am happy with and that I would be happy to show to my proposed audience.

This is the  final edit:

I am really happy with how it has turned out and think that although it is not what I originally imagined it would end up being like, I still think it has demonstrated what I wanted the video to convey about religion and has combined the audio with visuals successfully in a way that I feel happy with. I feel I have achieved a lot through the creation of the video as it is something completely new to me, and the constructive criticism along the way I think helped to get my video to where it needed to be so I’m happy with the final outcome seen here.

I’ve learnt through this section of the module about how to generate my ideas and how to manifest them. Through careful selection and editing of my clips, I’ve been able to come to the stage where I have produced a video clip that works to convey the topic of religion which carrying overtones of this environment in a way that has allowed me to develop my skills, not only with people, but also with my own technical work and how I go about shooting. Having to consider a target audience, whilst maintaining an interesting lead on the topic is quite hard, but using storyboards and talking to peers and tutors has actually allowed me to take a topic I might have struggled with and given me the chance to improve myself and my work in a way that means I am happy with how I have developed it. I found subject research and going back and talking to my subject 1:1 really helped because I got myself immersed with the environment around me, so I began to think and understand like those involved. It was a way for me to begin to see how other photographers and videographers begin to understand their subjects more, when they become immersed within this environment and this is what I feel was beginning to happen to me. The moment I began to understand my subject, was the moment I began to understand how I wanted to present it to a wider audience and how I wanted to convey the topic and the relevant points in a way that wasn’t standard and boring. I wanted people to see how these people think in a different way and how it is not the stereotypical norms that people think it is, so I was really happy with the result I’ve produced.

Going back and getting more clips allowed me the chance to really consider what I needed to make the video the best it could be and it gave me the chance to continue my ongoing research as to why and how the church functioned the way it did and what the beliefs of the people were. I wanted my video to be of an excellent standard and although I am aware there could be some improvements still, as is the same with everything, I actually and very happy with how it turned out and how I managed to develop my own skills throughout the learning of the module.

I think that I have a few strengths within the video:

  1. I think that I have improved the quality of the video by reducing my dip/fade to blacks and replacing these with jumps cuts. They provide a speedier transition between the clips and actually gave me time to add more valuable content which I think has worked much better in holding the attention of a viewer.
  2. I’m really proud of the audio track that goes alongside the video because I think it provides some great content that I personally found really interesting. I think that as I spent the time to work out what I wanted to use and how it would fit with my storyboard, the quality of the audio I have used has become a strength from what I originally thought it would be.
  3. I feel I’ve conveyed aspects of religion in this community in the way that I want to as well as in a way that I would hope my subjects are happy by. I would want them to be happy to have been a part of the video and feel like I’ve done them justice. I think I have achieved this and have produced a notable piece of work that I am happy with the content and the way I’ve conveyed it.
  4. The similarities, yet differences between the clips is another strength. I think I’ve managed to keep different clips in, yet have made sure they are on the same topic and strengthen the narrative flow of the piece.


Weaknesses of the piece:

  1. I don’t tend to want to think of them as weaknesses but more points that I can improve upon. I think there are a couple of cases were I could have considered things like lighting in the clips that would have meant the flow was better as there isn’t such a stark contrast between clips, however, I have achieved some goof things and I’m happy with what I have done.
  2. I could have branched the whole story out more and looked at other religion or churches to make the story wider or more vast. However, this didn’t happen so the narrative is quite restricted to the one particular person. But I do think this worked out ok in the end, but it would have just been good to see this contrast.
  3. Not everything is technically perfect within the video, there is some judder and camera shake, but as I am now aware of this and understand how I could rectify this for next time, it has made a slightly difference to the way I would approach the same task now. I’ve realised understanding your equipment and it’s capabilities is as important as understanding your subject because you need to be able to present them both in the light you want to.
  4. Some clips feel disjointed but I am reasonably happy overall with how I’ve pulled the piece together. There will always be things to improve, but for this submission, I’m happy that I did the best I could to the level I could with the material I had, so I have impressed myself with my capabilities.