In my lecture today I was able to see Annie on a 1:1 basis and talk to her about my video and what could be improved and what my concerns were, as well as what was working well within my work so I gained some positive feedback too.

I was concerned about a couple of clips within my video, in particular the clip that pans from the hands of the Minister to the shoes. I feel like this feels slightly random and doesn’t fit in well. It is also a little shaky in places which I don’t think helps much. However, I don’t have another suitable clip to fit into this space, so I wanted to ask Annie how she felt it fitted in with the whole video and if it was actually ok and worked there or if I needed to do anything to change it.

Annie suggested that maybe I try to use the warp stabilisation tool on the clip to reduce the shake and this might work better. But otherwise it worked well enough as a clip and she didn’t see any reason as to why I should need to change it. This makes me feel a little bit more confident with the clip and makes me feel it isn’t a massive problem in the video, so I’m much happier with keeping it included. My main concern was that it would deduct and distract from the audio narrative and jar the whole sequence, but if this is not the case, then I am happy to keep it positioned where it is.

A couple of other points I need to change within the video before I submit the final version are:

  1. Check the sound glitches. There are a couple of sound glitches where words aren’t quite said or the sound pitch and volume isn’t quite right so I need to sit and listen to the audio and rectify this. I will be doing this using the audio tools within Premier Pro that allow me to amplify or change the pitch and the audio and piece it together.
  2. Check the silence within the video. There are a couple of moments where there is just silence, not even dead air, so I need to find some dead air and insert this into these gaps so the video doesn’t jar so much when it is running. This will provide a smoother transition between the audio too, so it’s key in the fine-tuning process.
  3. Add in a music drop off at the end of the video and make sure the video doesn’t start panning back to the left. It needs to fade to black and finish there. Annie suggested I add in the music at the end of the clip previously to the clip at the very end and then drop it off gradually. This blends the two clips together better and allows the music to not jar as much when it begins to drop off as it’s already been playing for a while. Annie also suggested that any music that is played that I should overlay onto the speech in the video but keep it low and fade it out. This connects the clips more and gives a sense of a more greatly unified piece.


Once I’ve sorted out these glitches, I will be satisfied that I have finished the video I think because I’ve got all the information within that I wanted to include and after speaking to Annie she thinks I have some really good points and sections of videos, so it is now just down to fine-tuning them to create the best final cut possible.

In my opinion I feel that the video has met the requirements of the brief and on top of that I think that I’ve been able to constantly reflect on how to improve my work and make it better in order to fine tune the flow and the narrative whilst overcoming problems that I have had thrown my way. Final selection and clips to use for editing was something that I found quite difficult because this is as much about the story as it is about finding something that looks good. I also had to learn from my mistakes in terms of my video recording and understanding how and why I had gone wrong and in what ways I could rectify my work. I felt like I had challenged myself with this project, and had considered my target audiences and tried to storyboard my work to the best of my ability, in order to understand how I would develop it throughout and I think this has been quite successful to some extent and the almost finished product has come a long way from the rudimentary sketches that I started off with originally.