I’ve re-edited my video as I now have my cutaways and have gone through all my feedback from Annie and created the best version I can. There are still a couple of pieces I am unsure on and am not convinced work very well, but I want to get some more feedback from Annie before I edit any further because I think her input is invaluable in how I chose to make my decisions because it gives me a fresh set of eyes.

This is the link to the second edit of this video, working in the suggestions that Annie suggested first off:


The main differences in this video from the first are the change of the order to some of the first videos so that the Logo is now no longer the first thing we see upon introduction to the video. Instead this comes a couple of videos in and has music overlaying it, whereas previously there was no sound, and looking back felt a little bit disjointed from the rest of the video. I think including this change has made a subtle but important difference to the video.

The other main inclusion is the fact that I have now added in a whole series of different cutaways to add and enhance the narrative. I feel the video is marginally better with the addition of the cutaways and the flow feels much stronger. Because I’ve included more cutaways, I’ve also changed some of the transitions between clips, such as the dip to blacks where I have changed them to jump cuts, because I think this type of  transition is much more effective, as it gives a continual stream of information and visuals to look at. It also doesn’t keep jarring the narrative in a stop start way and allows the narrative and images to communicate throughout the video. Also I believe that now the cutaways are added, they do make a significance to the overall quality of the video. The content is much higher but still relevant and I think it enables the viewers attention to be held for longer periods of time more successfully than the first cut edit I did. It follows what is being said within the audio and gives a visual representation that I am hoping provides a greater use  of narrative to communicate my topic of religion from this point of view.

I’ve also made other changes that Annie suggested, but these were more minor tweaks. They are still important to the finished outcome and have influenced how this edit of the video has turned out. I think there is still more that I can do in order to improve the video further so I’m hoping to discuss some of my concerns with Annie and see what she can suggest to me. These are things like whether I need to stabilise certain clips or whether I need to move them around. I was also concerned about one of my clips where I wasn’t sure if it was ok because the sound didn’t match with the speech in the video, so I would like to get someone else’s opinion on this as I am very aware of it.