When creating the three minute video I listened through the audio and wrote down important points within speech. As the last edit I did of the 3 minute video was a very quick edit, this sheet will help me to identify points where I can insert more of my cutaways and also begin to help develop my narrative. The main point where I am concerned about is trying to be able to make sure that my video fits in with a target audience. I want this video to be more appropriate for an older audience in contrast to my 90 second video, because I feel the topics discussed in this video will be more appropriate for a more mature audience. I still think it would be appropriate for a younger audience as well, but it is not so much tailored for them as it for an older audience. In order to keep the video applicable to my older audience (which I think would range from around 16+ but could potentially appeal to those of a younger age too, especially if they are interested in the topic) I want to keep my video clip sophisticated and well shot. I think the more sincere and serious the video is, the more the topic of this video will appear to the target audience that I am aiming it for. I have selected this older age group because of some of the themes and topics being discussed which are slightly more adult. Although they could be understood by someone younger, it is also a question of whether they would find it interesting, and a target audience has to be just as interested in the topic as they are able to understand it. Hence why I have made this video more adult than my last so it contrasts the two target audiences so I could try my hand at appealing to both.

Remembering my feedback from Annie, she gave me some points on how to improve my first draft of this longer video and how to make it much more successful. Mainly the insertion of more cutaway clips. The audio for the video was deemed ok, so I am keeping this exactly the same because I think it provides me with the narrative that I want to convey for the topic of this video. It is now just fitting in my cutaways around this to create a video that compliments the audio. To create the next cut of the video, I am going to use as much of the feedback from Annie as I can because I think I will be able to see the development of the video, and also because I want to try new things and different ways to look at them because I think this will make me look at my work more critically and will give me a better understanding of how to get the best out of my video. I have consistently written down when listening to the audio what points I find interesting and thought about ways to tie the narrative together to form a cohesive piece. I found the resources that best helped me with this were the One in 8 Million videos. The audio on these presentations were unparalleled and seeing how there were gaps in speech and understanding how it had been weaved together to create a narrative that flowed with the visuals and how invaluable this was too see.

Moreover the construction of my narrative will be the main representation of my subject and I want this to feel like it has been explored in depth. The video should feel like a reflection upon my subject and focus on the individual and their story. Back when I was researching videos as part of this assignment and I looked at twenty videos from a mixture of sources, I found that the video itself relies quite heavily on not just the audio or the visuals but on how they work together. If one of them is not interesting the other automatically becomes less interesting too. They both have to work well together in order to convey what is going on. Constant evaluation and peer reviewing work really helps to refine the narrative flow and keep that elements of interest alive. Each of the videos I looked at had fairly strong visuals and their topics, whilst maybe not interesting to me, were interesting to other people, but I could recognise that some had been done incredibly well through the great use of shots, cutaways and other techniques. Drawing each of these elements together is hard and quite a skill so to be able to achieve this is my own work to a high quality would be the ideal outcome. If I can understand technical issues as well as understand aesthetical issues then I can apply these to my work for the best outcome.