Annie made some good points about my 90 second video and how I could improve it and that is what I have gone away and done. There were a couple of elements that were not working well together such as the clip of the girls stood on the balcony as it felt too long and didn’t allude to anything. Annie suggested to look for other clips that could potentially break up this clip and would give the appearance of speed being added to the video. This would mean that it wouldn’t be so noticeable that the clip didn’t allude to anything. I cut the balcony clip in half and added in a section of another clip into the middle to create this illusion of speed. Annie had suggested a clip that was below the balcony, so I tried to find a clip that I hadn’t used. The video now runs much more quickly and it’s not so noticeable that the clip doesn’t allude to anything.

When I showed Annie the developed piece she said it worked much better. The only other suggestion she had to improve the video because it would be finalised was to doctor one of my clips. The clip where I run the camera over the leaflets talking about Highbury and the child safe zone was very shaky and I didn’t have any other video footage of this to work with so I had to try to salvage what I could. Annie suggested using a warp stabilizer tool within Premier Pro.

I have now stabilised the clip, but then found it ran too quickly in conjunction with the other clips around it so it was suggested I slow it down. However this was a problem as I could not make two changes like this to the same clip. This meant I had to export the clip with the warp stabilization on it and then re import it to then change the speed and duration of it.

This did work and I was able to slow the clip down, but not too much or it created a very obvious point that it was slowed and had been stabilized. However, I think it works much better now than it did before.


Annie has agreed that she thinks my 90 second video is now complete and has been quite successful and has come a long way from where I started. I am happy with the final outcome and I am really impressed with what I’ve been able to do using phone footage. It was a good chance to experiment and see what was possible to do using the phone.

I think the message I’m conveying is clear and I think my use of location compliments the subject matter well. I took on board everything Annie said and tried to work around it as best I could so I am quite proud of how far it has come from where it started.

This is the final cut of my 90 second video that I will be handing in for submission: