These are the final selected images from Shoot 10 that I thought I could potentially use in my final edit. The stills were quite a key part of the shoot because they add something more to the narrative and the context of the story I am telling. I wanted to be more considerate of my use of lighting as this hasn’t been particularly good in pervious shoots. I also wanted to try to get some more interesting angles and work on my compositions and I feel that the results I’ve got are more technically strong than some of the photographs I’ve got previously. Having a crib sheet to prompt me was a great help because it meant I knew what I wanted and all I had to do was get that shot.

The images of people singing were on the crib sheet of images to get, so I am quite pleased I managed to get a couple of good shots. I would have liked to have got more images of this nature but as I was unable to move my position this was difficult. Also I found the light was a bit strange in some of the images I did get, so they weren’t any good to use. However, getting this face-on shot of people whilst they took part in the services, I think added a greater sense of depth to the project because it gives a greater sense of connectivity to the subject. At least in my opinion I feel it does. It also helps to conveys ideas of representation and how we view particular subjects so I think that I’ve done well to try to explore this avenue of the narrative. I think I will be adding in some of the images from this shoot into my final set of images because I’m pleased with how I feel they develop the narrative.