After speaking with Annie it was apparently I would need to go back and shoot more cutaways for my video work, so whilst I was at Highbury and had the opportunity, I thought why not take some more pictures at the same time, that might enhance the photographic narrative I was already working on. It had been pointed out I was missing a couple of important shots, such as people singing and views of them during the service from the front of the church. As I didn’t have these shots it made my work feel more distant and further away from the narrative.

I created a list of shots to collect before I went to the shoot because this would prompt me on what I needed to get as this was to be my last shoot before the deadline hand in. Here is my list:


Constantly referring to this list throughout the shoot enabled me to remember shots I hadn’t got so I could then work on getting them. Below are the contact sheets from Shoot 10:


There are several versions of the same photograph in each of the contact sheets because I was much more aware of what I wanted to capture because of feedback that had alerted me to what I was missing and therefore I was more concerned with making sure I got a good shot. There were also some close up shots I thought would be important for my 20 image edit potentially as I went through the photographs I already have and found that I had a lack of establishing shots that gave some context into the narrative. So this is also what is made up in the contact sheet.

I managed to get all the shots from my list, so I was happy with the outcome. I was also able to work round the restrictions posed to me about being at the front of the congregation and being a distraction so I was really pleased with the access I got here. I was also aware of the fact that people were more comfortable with me because they knew who I was as I have been back numerous times now, so they weren’t as fazed by me being in front of them.