Where am I – Video?

  1. So far, I have managed to produce an edit of my 90 second video and an edit of my 3 minute video. Working off feedback from my peers and from my tutors, there are definite improvement that can be made in order to improve the quality of the output of work. I am quite happy with my 90 second video at the moment and am working on cutting some of the video to improve it, in the way that I discussed with Annie. I am also happy that the 90 second video is significantly different from that of the 3 minute video as this was one of the requirements in the module guide. In terms of the three minute video, I am less satisfied with the current output I have. I am happy that the audio is complete and I know that it incorporates all the features I wanted to include. However, my video is no way near completion and I still have lots of points to work on that I discussed with Annie such as shooting some more cutaways to include and also changing some of the existing video pieces so they work better. I also am aware that I need to work on the flow of the video and how each clip transitions into another because this could trip me up and reduce the quality of the flow of the project. So I am aware I need to focus on getting this right so Annie can review it and make a comment on how to improve it. In order to achieve this, I will need to revisit Highbury and conduct another video shoot with them to get the shots I talked about with Annie as well as some cutaway shots to add into the current edit and to re shoot the video pieces that didn’t quite work. However, in terms of video topic and subject I am actually really happy with the work I’ve produced so far and think it conveys the topics and discussions I have wanted to cover from different perspectives.


Where am I – Photos?

  1. In terms of photography I have managed to produce some portraits and also some more close up and wide angle establishing shots. I need to work out which photographs are my strongest to use for my set of ten, that also develop the narrative I have been working towards about the different people that are engaged with religion. For my set of 20 images, I still want to include portraits, but I think it would be helpful to insert a couple of establishing shots as well to give a more general overview and context of the entire topic. But the problem I am having is that I don’t feel my project is particularly solid in every aspect and I don’t want to be including photographs just for the sake of it. I want them to 100% fit in with my narrative and create a great overall piece that I can be happy and proud of. Therefore, I am arranging a tutorial to discuss this so I can work out what my best images are and which ones i want to present as my final 10 and 20. I also need to know so I can begin to work on captioning my subject. The project has definitely developed more down the portrait route than the general overview I thought it would be so this has changed my perspective on what I am outputting as work and is why I am having such a big dilemma over which images I want to present because I want them to be my best photographs. If I am going back to Highbury for Video work, it may be relevant to also capture some more photography too, in the event that I could use this.