I’ve chosen to use Premier Pro to pull all my video clips together as I am the most comfortable with using this software. As a first draft, I am aware the video will be likely to change as I show more people and gain opinions.

Selecting which clips to use is the hardest part of the project as well as piecing together a structure for what videos you want to go where that makes sense logically.

The main thing I need to also consider when piecing together the video, is actually who my target audience are going to be. For the 90 second video, as it is based around the two young members of the Highbury church community, I want to the target audience to be young members of other religions because I feel this is a group that will be able to relate more closely to the ideas and messages behind the girls thoughts. I would aim for the audience ages to be around 9-16 as I think because of the ages of the girls in question, this would be the age group that would relate most prominently. I don’t think the video would be as successful for an adult audience, because it I don’t think the topic will be particularly complex or have adult themes. It is hard to identify an exact target audience as it is hard to know whether this type of short clip would appeal more to other audiences too, for example religious groups in generals and not just young people within religion. But the aim in the creation of this video is to appeal to a younger audience and get them to try to understand religion a bit more from the points of view of people who are already involved, in an effort to destigmatise the types of people involved.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.37.50.png


My main starting point is with the logo because I have seen logos being used in other videos I have watched as research and I think it is actually a vital tool in providing a bit of context in terms of the topic.

Leading into the video, I want to use the footage from the fireworks first but retain the noise audio from it so there is no speaking until about 20 seconds in. This is to establish who the characters are and the location and also to point out that religion doesn’t just have to be in a church, it can be anywhere. I then want to fade into the meeting of the girls and who they are and begin the interview clips here, whilst also overlaying what they say over more snippets and clips from the fireworks. I think this will give a more cohesive video because of it being talked over the top of, it ties it all together.

Visually after playing back the clips, I have noticed the quality is no way near as good as the quality you’d get on a DSLR but I think it works for this video because of the age of the girls and the fact that the fireworks was a quick event happening very fast, in which case the use of a camera phone was the better option for quick shooting as well as conveying the atmosphere.

At first, I found using Premier Pro quite overwhelming because i had so many clips and so much audio to work out what I wanted to use. But once I had an idea of how I wanted to lay out the video and what I wanted where, it was a little bit easier. Also, cutting down clips was a learning curve because it showed how much footage was shot but how much was cut away and not used because wasn’t good enough or was too long. It made me consider which clips I was using and how I was using them to compliment the audio.

Audio was a big issue for me because I wasn’t totally happy with the quality. However, once i had the audio set up and worked out what speech I wanted where, I found it easier to piece together video on top because I had the main basis of sound that I wanted to convey. Using premier pro i was able to toggle the audio too using keyframes, so at points where the sound was too loud I could dip it so that the speech could be heard over the top. This was a very useful tool, especially as the firework audio was very loud. Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.51.57.png

The timeline is the most useful piece of premier pro because it let me see how things were coming together and let me toggle sound and audio, as you can see from the lines where I have faded audio out or in to the video. It also let me match up the audio and the visual images together easily so I can make sure everything matches.

The first cut took me around 7 hours to complete which I then uploaded onto Vimeo and sent a link to Annie so she could email me back some feedback and review it before our 1:1.


This is the link to my 1st Draft of my 90 second video on Vimeo:


Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.55.36.png