During a tutorial with Annie, we discussed both the video elements of this project: The 90 second video and the 1m30second video.

After viewing the videos, Annie gave me some feedback which I wrote down so I could refer to it when I went back to re edit my video.


The 90 second video feedback was to change the cutaway of the girls on the balcony to make it shorter so I could cut to another video and then back to this one. The reason being it looked like something was going to happen and then nothing did so it was a bit strange. by suggesting that I change the length and cut in another cutaway this should increase the pace of the video and should not pose such a long pause of no action happening.

Other than this, Annie seemed to be pretty happy with this 90 second video and said it was coming along well. It just required that little bit of sharpening.


In terms of the 1m30 video, Annie has more extensive feedback as this was much more rough cut than the 90 second video. I was mainly concerned with getting the best audio snippets in and hadn’t worked much on the video side of things.

Her main points were:

  1. Don’t open with the logo on this video, maybe have a couple of clips beforehand to set the scene and then place the logo in with music from the other clips playing over the top as this would integrate it better.
  2. Change the length of the blurred clip of Olga and Richard as the blur takes too long to come in that it doesn’t look intentional. If it is shortened this would work better. (Or kept the same length but the length of the blur shortened.)
  3. Carry on the music from the opening shots to overlay with Richard’s speech when he starts talking as this would improve the flow. Use audio toggles in premier pro to rectify this.
  4. Check the fade to black and cross dissolves on this piece as they’re too long – more jump cuts might be appropriate.
  5. Integrate other parts of the music and overlay them onto other clips and fade out when you get to speech.
  6. Get rid of the feet shot as it doesn’t work well. Add in another cutaway and replace with something else.
  7. Add in another cutaway with the scene of the congregation  where I am panning from behind to cut this up, as it’s quite long.
  8. Maybe go back and film more cutaways, and other people’s faces and maybe hands from the front of the church. For example, someone holding a bible/ singing.
  9. The bible shot of the back of the chairs could be redone so it pans upwards rather than being stationary – this might work better.
  10. Film the praying hands differently as the current angle doesn’t work very well.