After speaking to my tutor for feedback on my current work for this project, I decided to cut my images down again because it was decided that I had too many images that weren’t particularly strong. From looking at my own work and evaluating it against other examples of narrative stories through photography and also through looking at some of the work that was produced for the module last year, I’ve decided that my 10 images I think I would like to be portraits of the people I have met and got to talk to as I think these are the strongest pieces of photography I have. For the 20 images I think I want to inject some photographs that give an idea of context and content about what goes on in the church. This may require me to go and reshoot some images, because I don’t feel all my images are particularly strong. But if this is the case I want to check with the video element of the module so I know what I may be missing for that too so I can go and get any necessary video I may need too.

This is the cut edit:

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.19.00.png

I’ve shown this edit to my tutor, and it has been pointed out that there was another picture of Richard sat with his books that might be a nice addition as a portrait to this sequence which I had previously cut out so I am going to go back and look and see if I wish to add this to the sequence.

Also, we discussed the idea of keeping my ten images as just of adults at the church and not the children as this presents a stronger narrative and enhances the overall appearance. I feel it would also appear more considered and with the use of captions it will enhance the messages and the narrative I’m trying to convey, but feel much more linked together and concise.

Part of me also feels for the selection of twenty images that I could benefit from some close up shots of certain objects within the church to give the notion of context. This is incredibly important or else the project begins to become loose.

Therefore I think I’ll go back and try to conduct another shoot so I can get some more images maybe as well as video, but also because I want to begin to wrap everything up and make sure I’ve got the best images I can.