Whilst researching the 90 second video at the beginning of the project, I found that they often tend to be quite snappy and very punchy in order to compact a lot of information into the time limit as well as maintaining the audiences attention. Looking at other videos, especially on vimeo has massively influenced the way I am thinking about piecing together my 90 second video. Watching the news has also given me ideas for how short stories and reported and the types of frames that are used in order to keep them visually interesting. Majority use the ‘talking head’ approach and then couple this with a series of panning cutaways and audio played over the top.

For example: This BBC News article had an accompanying video which was quite interesting to see how the BBC works to piece together short stories that need to get to the point quite quickly.


Considering I have 90 seconds for my moving image, I think that a punchy approach would work quite well as I can introduce the girls and the location and the things they’re talking about and couple this with cutaways quite well.

I also have been thinking that I want to include the Highbury Congregational Church Logo because this will give an idea of the topic and what the video is for. I think it could be a good introduction to the video and would be the only piece that isn’t moving image – but I think it is necessary otherwise, the video may be hard to work out where they are based, due to the locations being different.