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For the three minute video I took over 40 clips from the first shoot (the above is a selection) as I knew I needed a lot of material to cut down to three minutes. The main aspect of this video that I was mostly concerned with was making sure that I got my video interview with Richard and I knew this was going to be the main background of audio for the entire piece. The rest of the cutaways are still very important as these will filter around my shots of Richard talking.

In order to piece together what i had, I spent time listening to the audio of Richard speaking, and making notes on the timing of when something interesting was said. This was because when I was filming i did it bulk rather than individual clips of each question which now looking back would have been much easier to do. However I instead had to listen through and make notes of what was said and where.


I then also went through each clip and renamed it in terms of what it was of and if it would be a good use of a cutaway. I then began to create a story board as i went along, based on what Richard was saying and how I wanted the flow of his speech combined with other visuals to go.