Below is my current edit of all the shoots I have conducted so far. The images are ones that I feel are the strongest and that I would consider using in my final project. This is my first selection of everything, but understand over time, this will need to be cut so only the best and most relevant images remain. I want to be able to create a narrative through the images that seems consistent and not just a straggle of images that don’t seem to fit together well so this is quite a crucial part of this process. It also allows me to understand what I may be missing and what I may need to go back and photograph for.

Current Edit:

I am more swayed towards using purely portraits for this project, but I am not 100% sure that this is the direction I want to go in because I feel I will be missing something from the narrative if I do not include some establishing shots as well. This is something I need to consider and work out if I need to shoot more of these to add to the final edit. I have a lot of photos here and not every one will be used so I do need to cut them down but because I am unsure of the direction I am going in I have included all those I think I could use so far.