I conducted a very short shoot of about 5 images when I revisited Highbury and got a couple of portraits of a lady who I got talking to who has very strong views on peace and religion. I didn’t take enough photographs to create a contact sheet but I did get her portrait which I thought I may be able to include as part of my final submission if I see that it fits.

I actually quite like the light in this image and think that the background isn’t too distracting and therefore compliments the portrait in question. I think the arms where they are crossed are a little bit closed off but I don’t think this takes anything away from the image in particular. The colours on the scarf and the style of her hair I think work very well together and the glass behind refracts some interesting colours into the image.

Overall I actually quite like these images and I think they are quite strong in terms of portraiture that I have exhibited in this project so far, but I now need to create an edit of images I think I might use for the project so that I can now see what it is I am missing as I have been advised that I should probably conduct another shoot.