Edits from Shoot 8 as below:

These photographs from my trip with Richard to meet Olga are the more successful photographs from the collection that I took. I think the background are a bit cluttered in places which is a bit annoying but I think in some cases this could be edited out if need be. I think the photograph with both Richard and Olga in could be improved if I was able to drop myself lower so that I wasn’t so much higher above them.

However despite the issues I have with the shoot, I don’t think that I have done really badly because I have still gone out and tried to get a variety of different shots and worked on them in a way that I thought would help me out in my project in the long run. I do think it does add a different dimension to the project I’m working on and I think it was important that I was able to go and shoot this.

I think the lighting has improved slightly, but it still could be improved by additional lighting to further enhance the images and to produce less shadows and sickly lighting. However, under the circumstances I feel that I have done quite well and have tried my best to get some good photographs from this situation and I am quite happy with some of the outcomes.