These are the selected edits from Shoot 6 that I have selected in conjunction with my lecturer. They are the photographs that I feel are the best from this particular shoot.

The strongest images in this set I think are the portraits of Richard. I am particularly happy with the image in which the cross is slightly more blurred behind Richard because it gives a sense of context and the environment that he is in. I also like the last portrait because the lighting is much better in this image than some of the others I took. Also I quite like the pose that Richard is pulling as it looks quite comfortable but still shows and conveys his importance within the church in my opinion because it is quite a relaxed and confident pose in my opinion.

I also think I am getting some establishing shots from this shoot and I need to work on these more. I also need to see if I can get my camera shutter to stay up as this could provide a silence and then I would be able to take more photos without being distracting when more people are around which was a point I was given. A lot of my photographs I seem to take from above people too so I need to work on getting lower and straight onto my subject to avoid this more.

But as a start for portraits on Richard which was the main point of this shoot, I think I have started to get somewhere.