Below are the selected images from Shoot 7. I am trying to pick the best images from each shoot so that I can then go on to create one big edit and work out what I want to include in my final project and what I want to omit. These are the images I have selected from this shoot:

These images were taken inside Richard’s study which is where he conducts most of his work. I feel these photographs and portraits may be stronger representations of what it is that Richard does, but I also think that the portraits from the last shoot are fairly strong as well.

I really like the photographs with Richard doing things, because I think they give a bit more context and also the contrasts in them are much more apparent. In terms of lighting this could have been much stronger because I think the ambient light wasn’t quite right and also there are harsh shadows in some of the images that don’t work too well. I could have rectified this with another light source which would have taken some of the shadow off the other side of his face. The room was also fairly cluttered and things like the door got in the way so next time I would consider my positioning even more in order to try and get round this problem so that it doesn’t look too cluttered. Also I need to be more considerate about things behind my subjects heads because this is distracting and doesn’t work very well at all in terms of composition of my subject.

However I feel this shoot does add something to the work I already have and has given me the opportunity to have this insight into the work Richard does when he isn’t in church and I think that is an important point for me and for this work.