In Shoot 8, I went with Richard to visit a lady named Olga who has Parkinson’s. She is a member of the church community but because she is ill she finds it hard to get to church anymore. In my visit I sat and talked with her and got to know her, before I managed to get some photographs of her and Richard that I thought I may be able to add into the project.

When reviewing the images, it has been pointed out that I am in fact quite high up in a lot of the images and needed to bring myself down and be much lower. Also, the light isn’t great in a lot of images and it is quite hard to find some good shots in this sequence, but because of the time I had, I wasn’t able to shoot much as Olga would have got tired and it wasn’t fair to her. I did however find the experience a good one because it gave me an insight into the work Richard is doing outside of the church to visit people and make sure they are ok. I really appreciated the opportunity, but I just wish this had shown more in the images I produced.

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