In shoot 7, I managed to gain access to Richard’s Study in his house where I managed to take some portraits and some photographs of him with his books and the things he uses to help him to prepare for services. The study is an important part of Richard’s life because it is where he goes to think about what he will say in services and also where all his material is in order to read up before hand. I wanted to capture this separate environment from the church that was still interconnected and use it to showcase the kinds of things that Richard is doing outside of the church, because it then feeds into what he is doing within the church.

However again, the lighting here isn’t great and it was all natural lighting/ available light such as from a room lamp. The shadows aren’t great in the images because they are quite harsh and also there are instances where I could have done with another light source to highlight other parts of the face. But unfortunately I didn’t do this and the photographs aren’t as strong as a result. But I did go out and do this shoot, and it was a good experience to see and begin to understand more about what Richard does.

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