It was suggested to me that I needed to go back and try to get some more photographs of the Minister for Highbury himself. In this particular shoot I managed to go back to the church where the services are held and was able to do some posed portraits with the Minister. However the lighting wasn’t that great and as a result, the photographs aren’t as good as I’d hoped they would be. There are some images that have things in the background sticking out of the back of his head, which are distracting and take away from the image so it’s not really useable. Also the images are quite dark as the light is quite poor and I therefore feel this makes them less successful. I think there are maybe a few potential portraits I could use from this selection but I would need to edit them and then see how they fit in with the entire project as a whole. I did also try to shoot some images  in the prayer space because the light was much better here and produced slightly stronger portraits but I’m still not really happy with the outcomes. Because of this I don’t think the shoot works that well, even though I was trying to incorporate some of the ideas that had been suggested to me, but I don’t think I managed to carry them out very successfully as a whole.

I was trying to use natural light as well as a flash gun at times, but because of the low light there either wasn’t enough light but then when I used a flash gun it became too harsh, so I don’t think I got any good results particularly. However I will see in the editing stage whether or not the images can work. But I think I need to improve on my shooting and how I go about capturing images.

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