I took some notes down from when I was talking about my project with my selected group.  I have been to several shoots and have been listening and taking on board feedback that I have been given to try to push myself and be happy with where I am progressing with the narrative. As I struggle with confidence and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, the photographs I have achieved so far and the things I have been able to do, I have been quite happy with as felt I had been getting to where I wanted to be. After the group session I have come away with some points to develop my work further and keep pushing it forward. I do also still have video elements to complete on top of this work.

The points that were given to me were:

  1. Develop my project more in the next three weeks. (giving me 3 weeks to process). It was asked if I could get access to Richard (the Minister) and his house and photograph his outside life of the church. I will need to contact Richard and speak with him about this and whether it is a possibility.
  2. Could I do a set up with Richard and photograph some portraits of his with the cross in the background etc.
  3. Could I redo some of the photographs using a flash gun with a soft box attached to try to get some less harshly shadowed images. Again not sure how feasible this as, as seeing as I have taken most of the photographs now, I am not sure how happy people would be with having their image taken a second time.
  4. Create an edit of photographs that I already have to see what’s missing or what I could add. Do I take the project away from the church a little, even though this is the main focus of the project?

In the afternoon session I was with Annie, discussing the video element of this project. There wasn’t much time left to discuss what I had done after we had gone round other people, so that wasn’t as good as I would have liked some more feedback that was less constricted on time. Annie seemed to think I had a good start and my storyboard looked good. I am shooting video on Friday hopefully and I already have some video for my longer piece. She said I would need to cut this down and see how it looks. I was concerned about the audio as it is quite echoey as it was shot in a church, but Annie said I may be able to get away with it as it is obvious with the location. But I will obviously find out when I am doing my cutaways. I may also need to collect more cutaways for this.


So overall I have a lot to work  to get on with for  the project and not as much time as I would like so I need to figure out the direction and what I need to do to improve my work further again.