I have gone through the photographs from these shoots and have picked out the best ones that I may potentially use in a final edit. These were all mainly portrait photographs as I’m not really sure what I’m doing with the progression of this shoot.

Shoot 4:

I have taken portraits of members of the congregational church community. There is quite a varied bunch of people that attend and I really like this variety. I think the portrait version of my photographs works better than the landscape ones, but I still really like the landscape photographs too as I think the group shots really represent some of the members of the community and their interaction with each other.

Majority of my subjects seemed to be comfortable enough with me taking their photos, but I think I have now more or less photographed the entire community of this church, bar my other shoot photographs. I think however, that there are some good photographs in this shoot that I can use to highlight the community at this Church.


Shoot 5:

This shoot was the last one I’ve done so far for this project. It was taken during the evening so the light wasn’t very good which I think shows in the images themselves so that was a bit disappointing. As I’ve also pretty much photographed the entire community now that will allow me to take their photographs, I am a little unsure of what to do and how to set up the rest of this project. But I will discuss this in another blog post.

Again I think the portrait images work well, but the landscape group of two I think is also really nice.


I now need to create a cut down edit of images I want to include from all of my shoots so that I can create an edit. But I don’t really know what images I want to include.