I have been through the images and have decided to create an edit of photographs from this project that I like thus far. At the moment I have about 30 images that I think are fairly strong or that tie in with the project in a certain way.

This is the current selection:

I definitely feel that the portraits are the strongest part of this project so far and the only thing I seem to have been able to do well in some areas to a certain degree. I know, I currently have too many images for submission and will need to cut this selection down even more, but until I am 100% certain of the direction that the project needs to move in, I don’t want to exclude some of the images as I think this will limit me.

I feel I have really been pushing myself in terms of this project and this to a degree has been hard in itself, so I don’t want to discount too much of my work at this stage. But this is the current edit as it stands.