Since I have last been out to my shoots, I had a chat with my 1:1 and have decided to apply some of what we discussed to my photographic practise and the way in which I shoot my images. Some of this was technical and some of it was simple practise such as shooting portrait v landscape and things like that. I didn’t take loads of photographs because I was mainly focusing on trying to get portraits of people. I’m still not 100% sure on the direction that I want to take this project in but I found that if I can get portraits now at the beginning on the project whilst improving as I go along, I might be able to get more varied other shots later, but it does depend on the final direction that I take my project in.

Contact Sheet Shoot 4:

I got some photographs mainly of people in this shoot and I didn’t get much else. This was because I felt that the people of the religious community was really important to showcase and photograph as at the end of the day this is what it is all about. I also was experimenting with groups of people and not just individuals as some people felt more comfortable in groups or pairs than they did alone which was fine with me. Although this does then throw up the issue I will have with portrait and landscape orientation, but I still think if I hadn’t taken the shots I would have regretted it as a result, so I think I have done quite well with a range of different shots and different people.


Contact Sheets Shoot 5:

Similarly on this shoot I again focused on people and also I tried to get the organ player. Unfortunately this shoot was at night and the light was no where near as good as it is during the day so I feel the images have got a funny hue about them but this may work well, but I am not sure. Although there aren’t that many photographs in this batch of work, I was more trying to develop my confidence in approaching people and seeing where that would take me in terms of a direction for the project. Looking at the contact sheets has been helping me to identify which images might be better to place into my edit which will then be cut down.