1:1 feedback from a tutor, I find, is a very important part of the development of my project because it lets me know if I’m on track with where I am at in the project, and it also means that I can maintain a standard, or improve in places where I may be going wrong.

In terms of On Assignment, I have filled my tutor in on where I am with the project and have showed some of my work. I was given some feedback on the project and also some technical points that I can work on.

  1. It was pointed out that some of my portraits are done in portrait and landscape fashion – it may be best to pick one and stick to this throughout the project. We discussed and think that the portrait orientation works the best. This may mean that I need to reshoot the subject that is in a landscape format, but I can potentially do this later, after I’ve looked at an edit.
  2. We discussed me creating an edit of images I liked and that I thought could work well together. I have some good portraits within the work I’ve created and I think I’d like to use these to their full potential.
  3. A technical issue was pointed out with my work. I’ve been told it will be better to be shooting using a higher ISO such as 400 and then boosting my aperture to about 4.5/5.6 to get a greater depth of field, with a decent shutter speed. This will ensure that I get greater details within my work, thus creating a higher standard of photograph.
  4. A photograph we discussed constructing was the photograph of the minister for the church stood looking up to the cross. This could be quite nice with the light and the way in which this will work to combine ideas I already have.
  5. We also discussed the video element of my photography and what I am planning to do as I am yet to shoot any video for this. My tutor liked my idea of using the fireworks as an opportunity for my short video, but also using the two contacts I have to do interviews, but they don’t necessarily need to be at the same time – it could be done later. So I think I’m going to take a look at my storyboards and work from there on ideas. I queried an issue with lighting, but I was assured that it should be fine if I am shooting on my mobile and even so a torch would be sufficient if I am struggling for light so I will bear this in mind. My bigger three minute video idea also seems to be ok, and I will do this on a DSLR, hopefully getting some material from throughout the service too as I’m hoping this will be less loud and disturbing. This will be more focused on the church as an overview.

I am returning to the church on Sunday so I hope I’ll have more photographs, utilising the techniques and the help that I’ve been given in this 1:1 feedback.