Storyboard for my three minute video about the Minister of the congregational church in Highbury, with notes and sketches to help work out what pieces I want for my final edit. Subject to change, depending on what is available to me and how well the particular shots that I have worked out, go. Includes, interview (will record as talking head, but also use audio equipment in order to play over the top of other potential clips. Will require at least 3 minutes of audio at the least for this. Also potential to interview other people for a change of scene and audio.) Follow up shots around the church and those that use it are also key for this piece as I want to set the scene and establish what is going on with this community and why it is important/challenge perspectives.)


Storyboard for the 90 second video for this module. Hopefully being recorded on a mobile device at the fireworks on the cricket ground in Cheltenham where the religious community will be helping out with the general community. I want to get some footage of this, and I have also managed to ask two younger members of the religious community to feature in the piece so I can get their involvement with the community in. I have thought, if it is too noisy I can always get audio at a later date and put this over the top of any video I get. I have also detected that I may have issues with lighting this event, especially as it’ll be dark and this could be particularly hard for me to light and work around successfully as I’ll be depending on light available to me, although I am considering a torch or something as an alternative means to lighting as this is more portable. Also sound quality will be a big concern, but I may be able to produce some ambient sounds that could work well with the video. It should be all about the religious community in the general community.


I am hoping that both videos will be significantly different from each other, as this is a requirement of the module. Also as I’m hoping to shoot both on different devices, I’m intrigued to see how this will work out in post production.