Religion in the community seems to be more prominent in many different forms that I was previously aware of. I have been made aware of not only services that are held weekly as part of prayer, but I have also been made aware of the fact that children’s groups are run as well as some particular events every so many weeks. There are several different branches that I am finding out more about.

Since I met up with Richard at the church in Highbury, things have been progressing along in terms of the project. I have been on 4 potential shoots, 3 services and one ‘Messy Church’ which is more youth based and happens about once a month. I’ve been mainly focused on the photography side of this module so far and am yet to shoot my videos. However, I think that I have got appropriate avenues to explore for this, including interviews that I will hopefully manage to get done in the coming weeks.

I have asked the Minister of the church if he would be happy to do a video interview with me, and I may see potentially if I can interview anyone else from the church to compliment this piece. I would also like to be shooting different fill shots so that the audio can be run over the top and I can have video of what happens within the church, etc. I have created some storyboards of the shots I would like which I will also put up on the blog as reference.
For the second video piece which is 90 seconds long, I have managed to contact two younger members of the church. As the church helps out in the community, there is a firework event coming up on the 4th of November in which the church helps out with. I would love to be able to film this with the two contacts I have made whilst also incorporating the church and their interaction with this community at the event. I will be trying to shoot this on my mobile so I need to do some test shoots for this beforehand and work out what I want to do for sound, or whether I need to record my sound (other than ambient sound) at a different point and just follow my two subjects whilst they are part of the community. This is something I will be working on in the coming weeks to perfect before I put the plan into action.

For the photographic side of the project I have so far decided to try to get a range of different photographs, depending on the restrictions that are put in place for me. I am also consistently attending church events in order for people to be more comfortable around me so when I approach them if I wish to take their photographs, they feel more comfortable with this. I am gaining some portraits of people that attend church which I actually am finding to be quite nice, but also quite hard to do as people often disperse quite quickly after a service and by the time you have spoken to a couple of people everyone else has gone. This means it is taking me a while longer to collect images than I would have liked.
I also can’t stand and take photographs at certain parts of the service as the shutter release on my camera is quite loud and could be distracting and I, of course, don’t want to be disrespectful.
These restrictions are things I have to work around and are the reasons that I am constantly going back until I am happy with the material I have produced. Also as I need to get over 500+ images, this means I need to be on the ball and keep producing different and also engaging photographs that really convey the story and the narrative I am trying to present. After all, as a documentary piece I want to keep this as close to reality as I can as well as keeping my work interesting.

So far, I’ve produced work from 4 shoots which I will put up on this blog soon, along with contact sheets of my work. I also have a tutorial booked to discuss my work with my tutor and any feedback and points from this I will also put up as this may change or enhance the direction this project goes in.