Steve McCurry’s work on portraits from his body of work is a really great example of finessed photography. Using a range of classic headshots (head and shoulders), as well as using more full body shots, he creates incredibly sharp and beautifully lit portraits of those he comes across. The vibrant use of colour and different individuals, showcases a variety of different parts of culture, moreover creating a great series of portraits shot in a location that compliments the person being photographed. His environmental portraits are down to earth and incredibly well thought out. He captures miniscule details on his subjects, which I love as well as their pin sharp eyes and contrasts of amazing colours. His technique of getting his subjects to look at him and still be comfortable is something I admire, and which allows him to gain the perfect shot.

12I found that the environmental portraits that give some context on the photograph work really well, but similarly the portraits of the people with less context in the background are very strong images, with strong contrasts that draw you to every point within the image. McCurry is clever with his photography and also incredibly skilled, and his portraits are pieces of photography that I admire greatly.

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