Video 1.

Golfing with Ida is a short video of about 90 seconds, beautifully constructed and filmed in a very heart-warming way. The video had several different features that are important in ensuring that the video has the maximum effect and it takes a subject that is quite simple and with not much to say about it, and gives it a new outlook that employs the opportunity for us to get to know and meet this lovely subject character.

The video employs techniques such as panning opening shots, which create an establishing shot for us to understand where the action take place. There is speech over the top of the video and the different moving images from an interview with Ida. This works well and there are also some more ‘talking head’ shots but not so many we get bored. Also these are conducted from different angles which enhances and creates a different take whilst ensuring we aren’t bored of the same angle. On top of this we get to see some beautiful videography of Ida taking part in her sport and we get to understand her and know her in a way through this. The piece isn’t rushed and there are pauses that allow for you to take in the information and to admire the video you are seeing. There is also music in the background but it fits very well into the piece. Although the video has not been taken on a very sunny day, it still creates a heart-warming vibe because of the subject and the way in which they appear comfortable around the videographer and in her surroundings. I really loved the video overall and thought it was well put together, despite there not being much topic to talk about. There was a whole range of different techniques which helped to breakup the video piece and I just really enjoyed it as a piece.


Video 2.

This video is there minutes long. There are merits to this video and also things that I didn’t particularly like. I though the different techniques and panning and use of jump cuts was very good and well put together, but I just didn’t like the video as a whole overall. I thought the main subject the project was about wasn’t justified and talked about until half way through the piece and even then it was rather brief and didn’t seem very in depth. The piece didn’t focus on this point as much as I would have wanted it to and for this reason I didn’t particular enjoy the video. I found myself drifting in and out of the story, possibly because I couldn’t find the links I was looking for or because there just wasn’t enough on the subject to keep me interested the whole way through. But because of this reason I didn’t like this video as much as others I have come across. But in terms of the technique and how it was put together I thought it had been done quite well and this was definitely a positive of this piece, as well as the fact that there were a lot of different pieces for the video. The videography was very nice, but the story itself and how it was presented, I didn’t engage with.


Video 3.

This video is a length between the two I need to create, but after watching it I found I wanted to include it in my research just because of how beautifully it has been created all round. There is something about the video that I really liked and it kept my attention the entire way through. Not only that but I also found that the way the story developed and a narrative unfolded was beautifully done and created this idea of you really could understand the story and everything going on. The use of different viewpoints and panning was very interesting throughout and I loved how we got to see the building of the rides and then them being used as well. It was also nice to have the interview with the creator explaining what it meant to him as well as how he works and I think it all tied in really nicely. The use of subtitles was obviously needed as otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to understand what was going on, but I didn’t find that this distracted in any way from the video itself. I really liked this video and the way it was put together which was why I really wanted to include it in my research because it was so heart-warming as well as informative and I really enjoyed it.


Video 4.

I really loved this video as it was so uplifting and heart-warming. It has just the right amount of humour and gives the whole narrative an uplifting and happy feeling. It uses a variety of different shots, such as panning and shooting from different heights and angles. It also uses an effect to speed up certain parts of the video which works really well within the piece. It’s based on two people and details a chronological order from start to finish in a way that keeps you entertained and interested throughout. There are so many different locations used throughout the piece that you don’t get bored, but also they still all relate to the main topic at hand which is a definite bonus of this video. Overall there was nothing I didn’t really like about the piece as I found myself smiling the entire way through over how sweet and heart warming it was. The visuals were great all the way through and I think it is a great short video on the subject.


Video 5.

This video is different to others I have looked at in that it combines different techniques such as using other materials to set up something to be videoed. Also it does use standard video set ups such as panning throughout the video and a couple of wide angle shots that become close up shots. It’s quite varied and it’s also a little bit of a weird video because although it is about his sister’s dollhouse, it is more about him as a person and who he is but done in a way that we want to know more. It incorporates interesting visuals that make you think throughout and is quite innovative in terms of how it is composed and narrated throughout. It’s different in this respect to other ones I have looked at. I didn’t particularly like the fact it didn’t really answer any questions we had, but this could be part of the narrative that the creator was going for. There was no music in the background which I think actually worked well because there were authentic sounds to fit in instead with the visuals we were seeing which was a nice touch.


Video 6.

This is a beautiful video, not quite 3 minutes long. It has music, but it is music that is sung by those who are featured in the video. As it is a sensitive subject, the video has been sensitive to this. it has not directly shown any of the people that may be ill or dying, which works beautifully. We are still aware that they are by some of the shots we see, such as an end of a bed or a hand, but we cannot directly identify them and I think this has been a really respectful choice by the videographer. We get to see the people who are singing to them from the choir and this is really nice because this is what the video is all about, but it is done in a very respectful way. Because of this, the video is filmed in a slightly unique way because the videographer has still tried to get in a variety of shots but obviously has to obscure some parts of the video to respect people’s privacy. There has been use of ‘talking heads’ in the video as well as some archive images which work really well and the use of blur behind subject is also nice because it pulls our focus towards this character. The range of shots including wide angle and then close up shots are really lovely and work exceptionally well to hold the attention of the viewer and there is a constant change of different pieces of video throughout, which shows a lot of time and effort was taken in working on this sensitive project.


Video 7.

This video has a lovely order to it. It changes from being in the girls studio, to outside where she is thinking about designs or reading. We also get to see her creating and getting to grips with how she works. It’s an interesting piece that isn’t rushed and doesn’t move to fast. There is a variety of different types of shots, form close ups of her hands to simple visuals of her laying out something or partaking in a simple action. one thing I liked about the video was how what was being heard on the audio, matched up with what we were seeing in the video. This works really well and shows it was considered during the shooting of this video. There are unique angles and takes on different shots, such as form behind shelves and the such, challenging our perspectives and keeping us intrigued through the video. The video also has very white and bright hues throughout, portraying this idea of light and feather like qualities which is apt seeing as the woman uses feathers to make her hats. It all ties in very nicely and I found it really well put together.


Video 8.

This video kept me entertained the whole way through. I found it was really interesting and it was something I’d never seen before. The visuals were great and kept me watching because of the different angles and how they got right in on the action. I also wanted to see the finished product and how everything all came together. I also liked how the audio, again, tied in with what was being said and we got to see lots of different people at the end sampling the food after it had been made. There was a time in the video where there was an interview piece and the guy was standing up and we got to see him all from this wide angle shot, but as it was intermittently spread throughout the piece I think it worked really well because we didn’t get bored of the same person and the perspective. I think the video worked really well in conveying what was going on. My only criticism of the piece that I didn’t particularly like was the fact that about half way through, the visuals seemed to circle back and start again which I felt was almost like they didn’t have enough material to keep the narrative constantly moving throughout. But I was still interested by what was going on, so I didn’t mind too much, but because of this I felt the piece could become shorter and it probably wouldn’t need to be so long. But this was my main criticism of this piece, otherwise I found it a great video.