I met up with my contact, Richard, to discuss this modules project. We met at the Highbury church community centre where I could see who it would be that I was working with and begin to discuss ideas and thoughts on the project.

Richard is the minister for Highbury church and upon meeting him, he was more than happy for the project to take place. My main concern for the project was making sure I had enough material to sustain shooting and recording but being able to differentiate between each particular brief. Richard has said that he is happy for me to interview members of the religious community and has also suggested that I could potentially look into working with the Sunday school too, which would give me the contrast between the older generation and the younger generation.

There is also the opportunity for me to go along in November to the firework display, which the Highbury church helps out with, as this would showcase some of their involvement with the community. It was also put to me that I could actually film this on my mobile device as my shorter piece potentially, focusing on the church’s involvement with the wider community and then I could use a DSLR for my more formal interviews. This would enable me to play with both the mobile film and also a DSLR film which I think would be quite beneficial to the project and I think using a mobile device for the younger generation could be really reflective of this age group.

Richard is also more than happy to meet up and discuss more ideas at different points and to allow me to progress with the project as we see fit. I think I’d like to do my videos on the community and standard interviews and my photo series as a general overview of the church itself.

If I need to, I may also get in contact with another church to place another spin on this project. I have already been informed of times for the firework display and the dates of this so that I can go along and see the affect of the church in the community which would be great. I think there will also be other opportunities along the way too.