As part of getting to understand my subject more I have started to look into definitions of key roles within the Christian church, such as Ministers and Deacons. Although I am a Christian myself, I have a very limited knowledge of what everyone’s role is and what they do. Although I will probably find out a great deal more when I begin to meet up with my contact, I do want to be more prepared so I have an idea of what I want to do and what I can expect from each individual if I can get hold of more than one person. When my first contact Richard got in contact, I found out that he was a Minister so I have begun to look up what this entails before I meet him. I also understand that one of the other roles within the church is a Deacon so I have been looking into what a Deacon does and their role and have got definitions. I think that I also want to look at other people within the church, such as younger members of society who look to God for guidance and compare this as I am hoping it will give me an idea of how community and religion has changed over the years, hopefully within different types of churches and places. But I will need to gain a contact and some access for this first. This would also help me with keeping each part of the project different in terms of the direction I am taking it in, if I can get access or find a way to get to see this involvement. Another thought I had was to see if Sunday Schools still run and if I could get access to this, although it would be much harder as it involves children.

Deacon Definition.JPG

I feel I also need to look into both photography and video and look at previous examples of projects people have done because I think this will give me a starting point and let me see where I can develop the project more as well as where I can actually start.