The next step for me was getting in contact with someone within the church and religious community. I felt that if I could get a contact that would help me massively with the development of the project and where I want to go, because they may be able to put me in contact with other people that could then push my project out further and wider.

I have found someone I know who has contacts with the church and they were able to first email out to people they knew who were involved with the church and use how they knew me in order to and put me in contact with a couple of people they thought may be interested in the project.


This is my first in into the subject I am looking to explore and has got my contacts out to people that may be interested in the project. I am hoping that I can meet with some of these people and explain what it is I want to do, and there will hopefully be the possibility that they know of more people who may want to get involved with the project as well so I can continue to branch out with the direction I go in, seeing as all the parts of this module cannot be the same.