In Lecture 1 of this module, we explored past students work and potential ideas that we could explore. The idea of this module is to focus on something familiar to us that we can find on our doorstep. In this case, it has to be within Cheltenham or Gloucestershire.

The idea being to walk before we run, I want to explore something that I have some interest in and that I think would get other people interested in looking at my work.

Some main points we discussed were people’s status within society, how they feel, their identity and potentially organisations that work with people and other avenues such as if their daily life is easy. It is all about what access we can gain, and this is often the first hurdle after the initiation of an idea. The main point of my work is that I need it to be able to be interesting enough that others want to view it, but also something that I myself find interesting and engaging. So why would someone want to view my work and what views am I trying to bring across are two big factors for this project.

As we have to produce 20 images in a series (500+ images as a start point), a 1x 90 second video and a 1x 3 minute video, all different in each respect, I need to find a topic that I feel can span this amount of material and that stays different in each element as we are unable to repeat ourselves as this would not fulfil the brief we were given. However each of these must interconnect. To fulfil the brief this must also be a people based project.

I’m hoping to look at past students work and other bodies of work in order to get some ideas of how previous years have accomplished this module, as well as to research some ideas of what topics I could pursue.